Teteria Cafe
Taste the sentiment

About Teteria

Teteria is a homegrown concept offering immersive tea drinking experience in a relaxed environment. It’s a heaven for tea lovers to enjoy assorted tea flavours complimented by delicious food.

Teteria celebrate the beautiful immense memories associated with tea drinking, simple yet rich tradition around the world, sometimes the joy of the day, is a cup away.

In every cup, we pour our love for tea, and passion for hospitality that is rooted in Arabic culture. We welcome our guest to embrace every sip, savour the moment and indulge the taste.

Our Menu

Inspired by cultural fusion of Spanish and Arabic culture in Andalusia, our menu is a melting pot of flavours, culture and inspiration that derives from the city of Dubai a place where cultures join together to live in harmony.

Our kitchen has been designed to resemble Dubai. It’s rich in culture and it entices people to come and explore something new and exciting.

Our Story

Granada, one of the pearls of Spain have inspired our name – Teteria

Teterias are Moroccan-style tea rooms that have been created and influenced by the centuries of the Arabic presence in that part of Spain known as Al Andalus

Throughout Granada, Teterias form a part of life and culture, surround by historical landmark such as the iconic Al Hambra Palace.

These charming tea houses provide exotic aromas of tea and coffee served with a variety of light Arabic meals.

Culture & Community

Culture is the heart of Teteria. It is a universal language, connecting human and bringing them together by its expression of art, music and literature.  

Our value is to create positive impact on people and communities, promoting happiness and harmony, we intend to provide the best hospitality experience  

Marina Cubes Street - Port Rashid
Dubai - United Arab Emirates